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"This book serves as an eminently practical introduction to how Solution Focused Interactions can be used across nursing practice, making use of transcripts and case studies to illustrate the ways in which nurses can help their patients to grow and change, while also growing and changing themselves."

if it works ...

Keep doing it!


There are so many times we focus on what isn't working in our lives; the problems, failures and disappointments. We become acutely aware of what's not working, so much so that we start to miss what IS WORKING for us. We have so many skills and attributes, we have learned to do so many things in our lives - we can use these things to help us through our current crisis. Schedule an appointment with Steve to see what you can keep doing.

mindfulness based
stress management.


Stress is everywhere nowadays; modern life is typified by stress, and all the things that go with it. Unfortunately, stress is more than just the demands put upon us by modern life.  Very often stress occurs not just from the stressors we experience, but from the thoughts we have about those stressors; the 'stories' we tell ourselves about what we should or shouldn't be doing.  We often look into the future and try and predict how we will cope (or more often, fail to cope) with the stressors in our life.  Equally, we often look back at what we have done (or not done) and 'beat ourselves up' for not having done something different.  Very often we live more in the future and the past than we do in the present: and that's the problem.
Mindfulness Based Stress Management helps us to stop doing that.  It helps us to stop thinking about the future, and it helps us to stop thinking about the past, by helping us to focus on what's happening now.  By focusing on our breathing and noticing the physical sensations in our body we are better able to re-balance our emotions and our body's biochemistry, leaving us more able to deal effectively with the things that are actually happening right now.

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One of the most surprising things about working with people, amassed over many years, is our ability to keep doing things that aren't good for us.  Very often we take the approach that if something doesn't work for us, the answer is to do it harder.  Wrong!  If something doesn't work for us, STOP DOING IT!  If you feel you are tied into  a cycle of doing then same dysfunctional thing over and over ... and over and over, schedule an initial appointment with Steve to talk over where your future might take you.

Steve, thank you. I can't express how much we owe you, we have got our daughter back again. Thank you.





Met Steve on a training course. Excellent trainer, knowledgeable and an excellent communicator. Great to learn from a skilled practitioner.  Good fun too. 


Over a long journey you have helped me find my smile again, empty my closet, and learn how to cry without fear.  Thank you.



I don't know if I liked the mindfulness stuff, but I learned to stop judging it, and that was a life changing experience.


Not having to delve back into the past, or rake over old hurts was such a relief.  Working towards a positive future was such a positive experience.




Steve, I wish to express my personal thanks to you for the mindfulness training course. Whilst family, friends and colleagues have all noticed an overall increase in calmness in my demeanour, I have gained particular benefit from the training ... 


Complex problems

don't need complex solutions.

We often fall into the trap of thinking that our problems are so complex (and I've never met anyone in therapy who didn't have immensely complex problems) that they need really complex solutions.  NO!  Check out my book chapter on how simple solution focused interactions can help co-construct solutions to complex problems.